The starting of my work is everyday forms and familiar objects, Topoi, I am looking over and unbuild in the mirror of my research on their semantics and their technique. Autodidact, my practice began with the purpose to initiate advanced experiments on materials and their potentialities. Empirical but rigorous training on traditional technics developed in view of modern processes: gilding on polyurethane resins, wash drawing and pointillism on silicone material or moulding of expansive foam, engineering materials are giving me the possibility to create handcrafted unique, diverted and strange replicas of everyday items usually machined on industrial scales. Questioning their meaning or their lack of meaning is the heart of my practice. I divert, twist and modify these objects which so deeply carved in our “imaginary”. The purpose is to arouse in viewers, a sense of inadequacy, this uncanny impression, “der Unheimlich”, as Freud called it. It disturbs the way to look at: childish helmets become warriors, buns are devouring, constellations become bruises and the most sensual human skin is objectifed. To reach my goal, I use various tactics such as the change of scale unusual hanging that opens new perspectives on these icons linked to the world of childhood and memory.